• Former employee of VGTRK

    Former employee of the Russia-24 TV channel (VGTRK) Leonid Krivenkov spoke about the propaganda “kitchen” of the Russia-24 TV channel. According to him, it is impossible to find a job without bribes for the TV channel.

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  • From oil to minced meat

    While Putin was broadcasting about his FSO cook troops, the oil sank lower and lower, showing his disregard for the speaker. The oil collapse will be impressive and long. And where the world market coughs, Russian Putinomics will cough up blood.

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  • Rabbit in the oven - Sasha Sotnik

    Now the United States can easily flood the planet with hydrocarbons, lowering the price on them as much as they want. The Putinomist cannot withstand such a blow. In other words, both the gas pipe and the oil Koscheev.

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  • Kremlin chakras

    We have chakras, we don't have 14 thousand dollars. Today I looked in my wallet, it turned out there: a thousand rubles, a two-hundred-ruble bond, and two hundred square meters. A little more copper and a ten-ruble coin to take a basket.

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  • Crush him, Sotnik

    Every new day with the thought that we live in some kind of HELL. What's next? Already, to be honest, absolutely give a fuck. On those in power and on all these GRAINS. And on all their laws, they are so frankly fucked up.

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  • Results of November 2018

    Bald Vovka lives in his fictitious world, in which he is the TsAR. And God also resolves the world's problems And the closest circle pity the sick, crazy old man, does not say that the whole civilized world perceives him.

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  • Storm and Galleys - Sotnik TV

    As expected, Putin returned from Argentina darker than the blackest cloud. The patient's hysteria caught everyone, including Peskov, who ran along the walls, dodging ashtrays flying at him. The boss raged not because of the high cost.

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