• The Rise of Propaganda - The Decay of Russia

    According to journalist and blogger Andrei Malgin, "the decay of Russia, accompanied by propaganda, will be long and will lead to sad consequences, as in the case of Hitler's Germany." He also commented on the situation in the Kerch Strait.

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  • Gifts from grandfather Vovan

    Grandpa is old, but he will not leave until he begins to walk by himself. He also has a good memory. He will remember by name everyone who crawled up to him with the lowest request to retire from great affairs.

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  • Putin's special rescue

    New transcript of the famous word P.U.T.I.N. - Planned Destruction of Territory and Population. The people pass the TRP norms - to live up to paychecks, to pay off loans, not to lose their jobs, to pay taxes.

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  • I owed Gref 42 million

    I went to the administration in a single picket 2015. Six submachine gunners. Were wild, shocked, we have not accepted. For some reason, when they say things like "the bald Tsar. Is good, but the boyars are bad.

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  • Screaming until I lose my pulse

    A long-term propaganda attack on the brains of Russians has led to an intellectual disaster. "The barrel will be 25 - we will fall apart again" - promises the post-Soviet "patient". And to keep the system falling into the abyss.

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  • When will this all end?

    Everyone who slurps out of the Edrossian trough is happy with the lawlessness, there will always be someone who will cheat, there have always been decent people and opportunistic creatures who will change their clothes in the air.

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  • Petya hung Pynya - Sotnik A

    Pupils write "Putin is a thief" on the blackboard. And then a Soviet teacher comes and begins to tell the young growth about how at one time "they were shot for such a thing." The leader can draw a cat's ass on it, and everyone giggles, and here instead of a cat's ass - the sacred.

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