• Fascizing Reich - Sasha Sotnik

    Do the Russians want war? Not really. They yearn for a repetition of a fictitious victory, for the realization of the Soviet myth that is firmly entrenched in an inflamed brain: “Degradation is the same with music and nuclear flares.

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  • On the verge of war - Muzhdabaev

    Ukrainian journalist Ayder Muzhdabaev is sure that the votes of Russians for the "updated Constitution" actually give Putin an indulgence to start a big war. He also did not rule out that Putin will start this war in late summer or autumn 2020.

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  • The last act of Putin's sect - Chubais

    Historian and philosopher Igor Chubais suggested that the world is observing the last days of post-Soviet Russia. The adherents of Putin's totalitarian sect doom themselves to extinction through degradation, the consequences of epidemics.

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  • Zeroing plans - Sasha Sotnik

    The Soviet government gave people a free education, medicine gave work to everyone who wanted to work with it, all countries were considered, and what would a Wrangel give with his smart people the gallows and today's life.

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  • Disclosure of two secrets - Alexander Sotnik

    Putin is finishing off the country in front of the whole world - by the hands of its own population, turned into stupid obedient meat, spilling at the behest of a goat to the slaughterhouse. And it looks like we are witnessing the latest suicide.

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  • Russians get ready - Solovey

    What nonsense, after all, such sanctions were given to Russia and Russian personalities over the Crimea that we all didn’t think a little, + dollar, + all the "attacks on Rossiyushka" from the EU and NATO for various reasons. And for the Baltics.

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  • Putin is preparing terrible - Lozman

    Politician Leonid Gozman told why he filed an application with the RF IC against citizen Putin, and what is the reason for Putin's “impatience” in the matter of an early “zeroing out”. Watch the interview on the Sotnik.TV website.

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