• The vertical staggered - Vitukhnovskaya

    The writer and politician Alina Vitukhnovskaya gave a detailed answer to the question why, in her opinion, even in spite of the already printed edition of "Spets-Constitution", it is necessary to take part in Putin's plebiscite.

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  • Caving the whole country - Sotnik

    Putin is dreaming of the Hague. And the verdict like a wild nightmare bursts into this dream. If Russia is recognized as a sponsor of terrorism, the baldhead will not see the Kremlin. The "great leader of the nation" turned out to be a cowardly old man.

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  • Crime porn - Sotnik TV

    Putin is accelerating the process of total disintegration. Everything disintegrates: common sense, legislation, the state, and with them - the concept of honor and conscience. BDSM employees are driven into the All-Russian CEC Pavilion.

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  • Smells of Troubles - Alexander Sotnik

    In Russia, over the past day, according to official data, in which no one believes, 8,572 new patients with coronavirus have been identified, of which 2,332 are in Moscow alone. The internal directive in the Kremlin reads.

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  • Putin is waiting for a miracle - Solovey

    Political scientist Valery Solovey gave an exclusive interview to the Sotnik TV website, talking about the plans of the "bunker-Fuhrer". According to the expert, Putin is forced to declare a relaxation of the self-isolation regime and hope.

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  • People without money - Sotnik TV

    You are talking such nonsense. There will be no riot in Russia. One of the most powerful power blocs on the planet, guarding law and order in the Russian Federation. The guys are fed with batons, uncoated, with the slightest disobedience.

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  • Vladimir Ilyich Gabyshev

    Shaman. At first, the bandits were interested in money, and they received this money. Then they needed power, and they seized it. Possessing the first and the second, they learned to convert one into another according to the principle.

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