• Paradise soon - Alexander Sotnik

    The New Year has arrived, and I want to start with something festive, spiritually uplifting. For example, like this. Nadezhda Bartosh, a resident of the Moscow Region, became the first Russian woman to win 1 billion rubles in the Russian.

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  • The verdict takes effect - Sotnik

    Putin's breakthroughs without time to swing turned into a total degradation of Russia in 2019. And people went crazy, including the Napoleonic professor-reenactor, and protested, and went to prisons out of despair, and cut each other.

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  • Putin holds power

    When the people understand the power does not belong to either the president or parliament, but owns the power and natural resources to citizens who destroyed the country in 91 and still retains control over all branches of government.

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  • Dorian Gray Associate Professor - Alexander Sotnik

    These Kremlin madmen seem to invite their own death. They “smell with disastrous delight”, anticipate the upcoming bloody events, look down into the black abyss that has opened up under them and continues to expand, and revel in the foreboding.

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  • From fear to horror - Sotnik TV

    How wildly depressing everything turns out ((The bottom line is this. Ahead of us is mass terror ... shootings ... hunger ... pov Excerty and eventually death (possibly from a nuclear explosion). There is no hope (people will not rise).

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  • The grin of the Russian Joker - Sotnik

    Culture Minister Medinsky said that if "Joker" was shot in Russia, the film would not have received the support of the Ministry of Culture. The budget of non-tense cinema was $ 55,000,000, and the premiere screenings have already brought in income.

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  • Welcome to Putlag - Sotnik

    You have already gone so much that you say they say where you live they arrange marathons, but in Russia, do they not? Constantly there are races, those who are engaged in running are in the know. You just have to pour your mud on our country.

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