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Alexander himself went abroad and watered people who did not fuck up and do at least something. They collect money, but he does not. Where do the oppositionists put this money? Where is Alexander? As a journalist, yes, aerobatics. Speech, selection of exclusive material, editing, presentation - you can't find fault. But what has changed over the years of this trend?

In Russia, there is a planned flogging of the "non-whipped generation" - so that they do not even think that "free youth has grown up who are not ready to live under escort, and therefore will definitely throw off this junta." Nobody will throw off anyone. Here's two for you, three for you, and five for you. So that they don't go out, don't write and don't even think - to protest!

Yeah, Alexander, let Navalny and his team shut up. Then everyone will be silent. Let's listen on YouTube how bad everything is - and that's enough. And then "navalnyata", and the Communists sometimes lead somewhere ... no, let it be better to sit at home. So? Anyway, our country will no longer see evolution. Marina Shpyakina

Interestingly, this initiative group of law enforcement officers and special services has gathered there to expose and eliminate. What kind of oligarchs we are going to bring with money from abroad ..... What smoked .... Brain abortion campaign. ... Such nonsense was piled up. They themselves did not understand. The guys have full diarrhea in the head. And this is very difficult to treat. You need to come to your senses and rethink your writing. In order not to fight in hot spots, it is not necessary to heat them up to such a state. And the money is worked out just by those who are in collusion with whom they need. The common people do not have that kind of money and will not have it until we live like this. And abroad, the children of the common people do not study. God forbid at home if there is enough money. No need to shift from a sore head to a healthy one. Specialists are not digging there. Start with yourself and your life will improve. The most peaceful people in the world are us. And you can join us comrades law enforcement officers and all kinds of specialists. AND WE WERE ALWAYS LEARNED - DO NOT BE AFRAID OF HAMMERS.

Sotnik after hitting FBK Navalny you lose respect. Navalny is fighting in Russia and has been in prison more than once, compared to you. And to the account of the financial assistance of FBK, so why do you give your account numbers. Personally, I have lost respect for you. Apparently envy gnaws at you. It's disgusting. For the work of the FBK (for large-scale investigations) that the guys from the FBK do, this money is not a pity and it is not for you to decide how they manage this money. The police do not burst into your apartment and do not seize (do not rob) everything that doesn’t come to hand, you’re not in Russia. You shouldn't have put it that way.

and the Kremlin worms blew up planes, trains, houses, trolleybuses ... poisoned or shot hundreds of famous people ... and even up to a million corpses of unknown people - they died in a fire, a loop, from monstrous torture or from a bullet in several wars ... This is so that thieves can cheat with us and go to Europe ... to the people! where there is Legal Power, and not a party of freaks...

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