Childish games of the maturing junta

What kind of fool is this? However, finding a fool is not a problem ... I explain (for people with an average IQ). In order to raise money in the Russian Federation, the abstruse schemes "bulk project of the Kremlin" are not needed - just jump into the regional duma, after which the salary will be 1,000,000 per month, everything is free, personal security, from periods of boredom you can explain to the population that no one owes him anything ... For people without IQ (there are much more of them) with the education of 6-7 grades. If you haven't sat down yet, you go to the guards, and you get 60,000 per month for lack of intelligence. Well, yes, not a million. But in the norms of the country, I would generally be homeless or sitting, but here they pay money. All other professions are not needed. From the word GENERAL.

If someone offers and does something, then everyone is happy to criticize him and suspect of bias, but when they are asked to offer something themselves, they not only do not offer, but also pretend that they are such a question offends.

In the current situation, the population has long had the right to self-defense against the fascist regime, which deprived it of any legal opportunity to defend itself against itself in the occupied country and the usurpation / destruction of democratic and other institutions working in the interests of this very population. The regime, at the moment, only uses its impunity and responds to any resistance to the ongoing genocide by feudal-KGB legislation. The majority of the population, instead of resistance, prefers to survive at the expense of each other, emigrate, in the countryside, or simply die (this stratum maintains the regime until the first bloody battle in its ranks, and some of them are completely passive and do not affect anything). Another minority is waiting for empty counters, because they need 100% certainty that the regime is their enemy, which must be destroyed. And only the remaining insignificant population (much less than 14%), which does not influence anything, is ready to act when a critical mass of resistance is reached, including waiting empty counters. As long as the counters are full, the fascist regime will do whatever it wants.

More and more often, political discourse uses the "child component": deprivation of parental rights for going to a protest with children, imprisonment for "threats to the children of security officials" and so on. According to the politician Alina Vitukhnovskaya, for the regime "children are a special bond", on which, in addition to parasitism, pressure on the human personality increases.

my opinion is not a direct threat (he did not say - I will kill), but it is an indirect threat, it is worth noting that sending to Paradise is also not a direct threat, but an indirect one ... after all, they come to Paradise after death! This is an indirect threat to your people! Because of the realized! actions of one - all will die. And this is premeditated murder! What a deadline for this guy ...... Even if he threatened in the open! - Here I remember how the cops respond to calls for help in case of threats (for example, a husband beats his wife - with this situation, their answer is most often associated) - well, you haven't been killed yet ?! that's when something happens - then we'll come, or - then call !!!! So how long can we talk at all ???? !!!!! We have a lot of people who threaten someone in life ..., but so that they imprisoned for five years ........ Kira Makarov

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