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What is this strange logic about flying to the Crimea? Perhaps the Ukrainians, who have been living in the scattered for a long time, flew to their relatives, citizens of Ukraine, but living in the Crimea ... And about the transit of power and a dummy? In the previous videos, it was so fiercely reported about the struggle of the Kremlin towers, about their reeling ... and here on you ... a carrot dummy. And as a sanacha in the video, it says that Putin will flood and dissolve in hot countries after a series of technogenic women, and later it is said that he will change from the Kremlin's chair only to an electric one ... L - LOGIC) And how easy it is to scream sobbingly Europe has already twenty years on national lines or by getting married ... Empty calls) Nobody needs us in the scattering ... but buying a ticket to Vienna, you will get out of the transport and what next? sit down with local obdahloz at the banhof? Auslanderbeherd will buy you a maximum return ticket to Moscow. In asrats and shamars you can't sell grandma's apartments to buy in Hanover or Hamburg. Кyrill Ah

When they pack activists and participants in agreed rallies, I think that this is the end of Russian democracy, and the beginning of genocide, the usurper will stop at nothing, only power and enrichment. Linda Beam

Well, why don't we understand that "every trash" has already woken up, "washed", "roused herself and (opened) to the people, showing us" their love, the love that the people need ". all this "trash" wants only the power, and for (her) - agrees to starve, go to prison and (poison herself). What's next? How long can you "dance" to the tune of a rat suckers, because we are considered (not people) and not even slaves. Lyubov Nikolaevna

immediately comment to the beginning of the video - where can you take it? where are you going to get all these demolition, snipers, scouts? Where? maybe enough to dream? we don't have America here - no one has weapons here, except for the miserable hunters for the beast, but even more special skills. so your way to turn people on by pinning won't work! - Yes! - no fighters! there is none of them! there are only boys and girls who can shout shame - this is the reality !!!

By the way, when Putin came to power, the cops got so crazy that even a dumb one should have understood that THIS is. they cleaned the pockets of citizens and caught men with a bottle of beer in the bushes. then they left to plunder larger fish and left the trains alone. only Novodvorskaya immediately warned and immediately marked the tragedy of the country. and rightly so, all liberals participated in the formation of this regime. Elena Telnenkova

You call for arms to take and overthrow the government chosen by the people. This is of course an effective method that has worked more than once, but not this one. Putin, he is not Nicholas II, not Gorbachev, not a bunch of other rulers whose grief was demolished by the forces of radiant freedom. Soaking in the toilet is Putin's privilege, you didn't know that, seriously? Do you clearly see yourself from the side, in the trenches and on the barricades? And what kind of world do you live in, what fantasies, what dreams overwhelm you? In short, political prisoners, why are you smokin 'like that? Andrey Mitrofanov

Putin caught ordinary Russians and their intelligentsia on the imperial idea and using the seizure of Crimea from Ukraine, thereby causing the euphoria of loyalty to ordinary Russians. Ukraine was able to consolidate, showing the viability of its state, Western countries and the United States saw a fascist essence in Russia and imposed effective multifaceted sanctions. Now Russia is mired in a dirty war in Ukraine and Syria. Russia is on the path of deepening a full-scale crisis over the past six years. azimbay gali

100 years of lies! Intimidation ..... and here's the result: people don't give a fuck! They chew rotten crackers and blatantly lie that they respect children and people .... The USSR is a country of sheer meanness, betrayal ... I remember well my childhood, how parents beat their children to death with logs .... In full view of the people. And no one said a word against ... Eco, it's a lie now that people are worried about someone's childhood illness. Russia .... this is the USSR ... in the new world. Country of scoundrels! Vitalikoc Koneev

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