Dwarfs of the Great War - Alexander Sotnik

The centurion, and you go there too? Carbon dioxide. Well, your mother. Forget about carbon dioxide already. There is no warming, you are loved. Yes, Alexander, you're right. Today, only one question is how to raise the population to physically eliminate the current regime. There can be no other agenda.

The dwarf agenda of the opposition, stuck in a dead end of “elections” that do not exist, absolutely does not correspond to the seriousness of the moment. This mode can have only one transit: from the morgue - on the gun carriage, to the cemetery of history.

Here you listen ... and you understand ... maybe a real war with the United States ... will benefit ... I think that fewer people will die ... than the bald scum will kill, poison, plant, drown, burn. ... among a million cowards, one Man is a Shaman walking to Moscow to expel Putler from the Kremlin.

The corruption meter in our country needs to be set more powerful. The one that stands now shows 100%, since it cannot show it above, because this is its limit. Yes, not Sanya, hy5nya is somehow incoherent, of course he will trample the plebs in the ears! It is not clear what kind of banana you are still checking out that Great State that has not been there for 27 years .. Sanya! Sanya, it was not a scoop, but a country of Soviets (people) with an area of ​​22,402,200 km², a population of 293,000,000 people, do not distort!

Putin needs a war! And not some kind of small-town like Georgia will quarrel with Georgia, Ukraine and Ukraine and further down the list, he needs such a war as unleashed by Iloizovich and his comrades with a large number of corpses and with the slogan we can repeat Crimea and take Alaska! What for ? Yes, everything is simple, if he does not hold power, either the Hague is waiting for him like Milosevic or Swan Lake, and very soon so now Putin is simply preparing for war, for this, rights and freedoms are being withdrawn from society, the defense industry is being built up and created urgently! Fuhrer or will he fight back? That's what's interesting and not Putin himself and his co.

I am from Ukraine, but even when Russia started a war in Ukraine, I didn’t want Russia to collapse, I just wanted it to lag behind us, and I forgot. But now I want this country to disappear, it is a threat to the whole world (as Putin wanted) it just went crazy.

I'm afraid only immigration. Until recently, I did not want to listen. Now there is a feeling of complete hopelessness. Ahead are failures into total poverty and degradation. Those who are young, free, full of strength and energy - leave! It's hopeless here for the foreseeable future. If he were younger, he left. How, how could we get ourselves into this? How was it allowed? You can spend your whole life in a hopeless struggle, getting hit on the back with a truncheon, not getting help from either the rams taking pictures on the phone like they are bludgeoning you, or from the opposition. And end your life in a jail, or worse, in a grave. Here are the perspectives of the sane, free, courageous and not indifferent!

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