Generals of the "First Lubyanskaya" - Alexander Sotnik

Russia is beginning to get used to life in a "disaster every day" mode, while the security forces are busy with interdepartmental wars. Are the generals of Pervaya Lubyanskaya reporting to Putin the latest figures of losses in the process of growing chaos? Or does he no longer know anything, because it is already impossible to control anything?

I worked there, it was at this station, I quit my job, there were wild violations, and no one gave a fuck, now I'm laughing at you donkeys !!! Mosenergo collapsed as soon as it was taken over by Gazprom, for you stupid people, I have repeatedly written, get out of there. or want to die?

Russia is beginning to get used to life in a "disaster every day" mode. When this text is being written, in the Moscow region of Mytishchi - and, we can assume that in Moscow itself - the gas reservoirs of CHPP-27 are burning. The column of fire rises 50 meters, the area of ​​the fire exceeded 1 thousand square meters. meters, huge forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, including aviation, are dispatched to extinguish. But this is the newest CHPP in the system of Mosenergo stations. The energy system of the capital again received a powerful blow, comparable to the consequences of the accident at the substation in Chagino in 2005. Then the accident accelerated the reform of RAO UES, and under current conditions it could cover the entire energy system with a "copper basin". And now the Ministry of Energy of Russia is already reporting that CHPP-27 stops generating electricity ...

This is a fire that is visible to the naked eye. And there are others, without visible fires, with a rotten smell and a light curtain of information. On July 11, documents were seized in the Perm administration. And on the eve of the burning building of the government of the Ulyanovsk region. And in the paradigm of recent events, one can suspect that the fire could have happened in the framework of the "ahead of the curve". Either the attic burned down, or the documents - who knows? But the fire did not encroach on the administration of the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg, and the searches were carried out there accurately and on time. Aleksey Ivanov, deputy chairman of the Russian Pension Fund, who was detained by FSB officers on suspicion of taking a bribe, did not burn out with shame either. For the same reason, FSB officers took 9 employees of the Domodedovo customs post…

It can take a long time to enumerate the points of "ignition" of the system, and we have already noted that interdepartmental wars have jumped to the surface from under the carpet. But the worst thing is that already within the FSB itself, an intradepartmental squabble has already begun. It is difficult to say who is fighting whom, and to which particular Kremlin "tower" this or that cabinet belongs. The very fact of the growing war inside the Lubyanka is important - the very one that until recently seemed monolithic and indestructible. Who needs to "clean up" division K with an eye to redistributing the cash-out market? After all, the accusation of "embezzlement of funds in the amount of 140 to 170 million rubles" in the period of late Putinism sounds like a nagging at a child's prank at the level of "walking past the pot." Indeed, the one who steers the questions "cheated" in the coming period of systemic turbulence - and he "banked". Everyone who has accumulated today "acquired by back-breaking labor" cannot sleep well until they cash out and withdraw. And these are millions of officials of different levels: with epaulets and without, with posts and already retired, and also entrepreneurs who want to quickly get out of this "paradise", which is getting hotter every day. 71% of Russian entrepreneurs, according to the quite servile VTsIOM, consider the conditions for business in Russia unfavorable, and more than half - that the situation will only get worse in the next 5 years. The economic policy of the Kremlin, reflecting the instinct of self-preservation of the system, is reduced to a primitive withdrawal of funds from the population. In practice, this is expressed in the desire to deprive citizens of any opportunities to earn money. Elvira Nabiullina intends to restrict Russians' access to stock markets and prohibit popular ways to increase capital, as well as deny access to numerous financial instruments and assets. The Bank of Russia is lobbying for a strict categorization of investors, and as a result of this reform, most individual investors will lose access to the securities of foreign companies such as Apple, Google, Alibaba, Tesla and others. And the Central Bank is also probing the possibility of transferring foreign currency deposits into the category of investment instruments. Simply put, citizens who fall into the category of unqualified investors will lose the right to have foreign currency deposits. So far, the Central Bank smiles and jokes in response to any questions on this topic, but it can show a goat's face at any moment. The system works in several ways: deprives the population of the brain, killing education and increasing stupid propaganda; shrinks the population, destroying public health services and plunging people into the abyss of alcoholism and drug addiction; cuts off any opportunity to make money, because money gives independence - from the formation of a system of views to the possibility of implementing their own ideas. "Fear - Ignorance - Poverty" - as it was said: three pillars on which any dictatorship stands.

Well, while the First Lubyanka War did not take the scale of the Lubyanka Intergalactic War - Putin was allowed to shine at the summit in Yekaterinburg. Ural ladies fainted, threw their caps into the air and moaned tenderly from light touches of "beauty." In the crowd of joyful Uralites, "fishermen" seconded from the FSO were noticed, the rest of the special extras have not yet been identified. At the "global summit", Putin spoke with ornithological concern about birds and worms - these sacred victims of "bloody windmills", but for some reason he kept silent about the moles, which he lamented back in 2010, almost word for word outlining the pattern about the harmfulness of energy ". But he did not mention that the radiation background emitted by the Soviet nuclear submarine "Komsomolets" sunk 30 years ago is 100,000 times higher than the permissible norm. Probably, he did not dare to look into the eyes of the fish living in the Norwegian Sea. In general, Putin's public appearance was accompanied by such a number of stupidities and reassurances that even an inexperienced “pythonist” began to form a stable impression: the person involved was either “leaked” or actively preparing for this process. True, the defendant himself is convinced that the Universe revolves exclusively around him, preparing to reformat into a new entity in order to prolong his power in 2024. Does he know that Lukashenka has already borrowed $ 600 million from the Chinese to refinance the Russian debt, and has practically broken off the Kremlin hook? Are the generals of Pervaya Lubyanskaya reporting to him fresh numbers of casualties in the process of growing chaos? Or does he no longer know anything, because it is already impossible to control anything, and all that remains is to observe the emergence of new foci, which are getting hotter and closer?

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