Power will change in Russia soon - Valery Solovey

Political scientist Valery Solovey notes the lack of understanding in the West of the main motives that form the line of Russian policy. It records an overwhelming level of fear within the Kremlin, increased pressure on society and an attempt to lower the information iron curtain. But “by 2022, Russia will have a completely different government,” the expert confidently predicts.

Let the guest express the whole idea, "... the US understanding what to do with Russia" - they interrupted, "Something is coming in Russia" an unsaid thesis, interrupted by a shaman. Music is still playing, lights are on in the banquet hall, they are having fun, drunken passengers are running around ... but the titanic "RF" is confidently sinking! the last empire is doomed!

The Nightingale did not say how the king would leave until 2022. Did he mean that by pressing a button? And then, about the dynamics of the increase in protest, everyone has been hearing for 10 years.

Not a single analytical prediction of the Nightingale has ever come true. It seems that Nightingale has always been a pro-Kremlin Cossack, I think you shouldn't trust him too much

Dislike. This is some kind of pro-Putin channel, propagandistic. The fact is that Putin and Co. are working purely to the west, and if they start to drive this kind of crap like on this channel, it is immediately clear that this is all a cover.

But let it be! Let Voldemar cut off the Internet completely, raise the retirement age to 70 years, introduce a 4-day working week and generally introduce the shooting of servants on Fridays! Maybe at least it will breathe life and self-respect at the number one vegetable base.

until the slaves run out of palm oil and cheese products in their refrigerators, no power in the Russian-Putin Mordor will change.

:) Putin will rule until 2042. It's just that in Muscovy everything happens as in Voinovich's novel "Moscow 2042". Father Zvezdoniy, as evidenced by the archives of the SBU, has been around since 1943, after the "elections" to the Duma in 2021, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will formally come to power, but Patrushev, Bortnikov, Shoigu and Zolotov will rule - here you are and the KGB. Well, Putin will probably become Genialissimo. :)) 30 years of pseudo-democracy and theft, first under the democratic banner, and then even more theft under the imperial banner, led to the fact that Sharikov's "take away and divide" is becoming more and more popular among the shirnarmass. I will not be very surprised if the clan of "siloviks" in 2021 will allow the Communist Party to "win" and continue to steal and plunder under the red banner, since now the robbery can be called expropriation and "dispossession of the oligarchs".

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